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Everything on Amazon

  • Everything you need for an Omega Event can be purchased on

  • This list is a collection of items that we believe are high-quality and cost-effective.

  • Participants are not required to buy any of these items, they are just recommendations.

  • Don't just take our word for it - do your own research and decide what works for you.


Per our rules, all participants must have eye protection, a radio, and a flashlight/headlamp that is capable of emitting white light and red/infrared light.

Eye Protection - Pyramex Anti-Fog Goggles

  • The most important piece of safety equipment.

  • Meets full seal requirements for airsoft.

  • We recommend the clear lens for nighttime gameplay.

Face Protection - OneTigris Half Face Mesh Mask

  • Face protection is required for participants 17 years of age or younger.

  • OneTigris makes a smaller version for those with smaller faces (women and young teenagers).

Radio - BaoFeng UV-5R Radio

Flashlight - Outlite Tactical Flashlight

  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Headlamp (Option 1) - ThorFire Cap Light

  • Does NOT include a red light.

Headlamp (Option 2) - PETZL Headlamp

  • Has infrared and white light modes.

Safety Whistle - Loaded Edge Whistle

  • If you get lost, we can find you.

Red Dead Rag - Red Bandana

  • Let other participants know that you are “hit.”

Sunscreen - Neutrogena SPF 100

  • Don't get skin cancer.

Bug Spray - Sawyer Permethrin

  • Treat your clothes with this BEFORE THE EVENT to repel mosquitoes and ticks.


You'll need to defend yourself, but you don't need an expensive replica to do it.

Pistol - H8R Revolver

  • The most popular weapon among Omega participants.

  • Don't forget the CO2.


Be practical and remember that form should always follow function when creating a “look” for an Omega event. Remember that wool and synthetic fabrics are preferable to cotton.

Hat/Cap - Sun Cap

  • Adds additional ear and neck protection against the sun and BBs.

Shirt (Option 1) - Carhartt Henley

  • Comes in regular and tall sizes.

Shirt (Option 2) - Columbia PFG Long Sleeve

  • 100% Synthetic.

  • Comes in regular and tall sizes.

Pants (Option 1) - 5.11 Taclite Pants

Pants (Option 2) - Wrangler Utility Pants

  • 100% Polyester

Belt - Propper Duty Belt

  • Make sure your belt loops are at least 1.75” wide.


We strongly urge all participants to consider investing in quality boots. Footwear is personal and each person’s needs are different. The one thing that we can recommend to all participants is to opt for Gore-Tex (GTX) lining as it is much more likely to keep your feet warm and dry.

Socks - SmartWool

  • NEVER wear cotton socks. YES, we still recommend wool socks in warm weather.

Boots (Option 1) - Salomon Quest 4D GTX

  • Heavy boot; extremely stable for rucking on rocky terrain.

Boots (Option 2) - Salomon XA Pro Mid GTX

  • Good for rucking on flatter terrain. Great option for most people.

Boots (Option 3) - Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX

  • Almost a hybrid between a boot and a trail running shoe.

Boots (Other) - Merrell & Lowa

  • Reputable brands with many different GTX options for men and women.



Participants are likely to have most of these items around their home. These are some recommendations if you don’t want to destroy what you already have.

Backpack - JanSport

  • A small backpack is all you need if you even decide to carry a backpack.

Satchel - Rothco Canvas Satchel

  • Dirt cheap and tough to destroy.

Gloves - Mechanix Gloves

  • Useful for protecting your palms/fingers when transporting wood or other large items.

Watch - Digital Watch

  • You need to know what time it is.

Pocket Knife - Kershaw Pocket Knife

  • Cut paracord and perform other basic outdoor tasks.

Multi-Tool - Gerber Multi-Tool

  • Perform basic repairs on your airsoft replica and other tasks.

Dust Mask - 3M Respirator

  • A respirator must be worn during a "yellow dust storm" to survive.



If you are planning to attend your first event (and have never camped outdoors before), we recommend making comfort your top priority when it comes to your sleeping situation. We do NOT recommend attempting to bivouac without a significant amount of prior outdoor camping experience.

Rucksack - Internal Frame Ruck

  • The highest rated/best value ruck available on Amazon.

Tent - Coleman 2-Person Tent

Tent Footprint - Camping Tarp

  • Protect the bottom of your tent; use sticks as stakes to keep it secure.

Sleeping Bag - Coleman “Cool Weather” Bag

  • This bag will not keep you comfortable below 50° without extra insulation; supplement with a wool blanket.

  • This is an important item - do your research and do not be cheap with your sleeping bag.

Sleeping Pad (Option 1) - Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest

  • More rugged than an inflatable pad.

Sleeping Pad (Option 2) - Ultralight Pad

  • More compact; more comfortable.

Pillow - WellaX Camping Pillow

  • More compact than a feather/foam pillow.

Tarp - 10’x10’ Tarp

  • Totally optional; can be used for additional cover over your tent or other items (gear, firewood, etc.)

Thermal Blanket - Swiss Safe Mylar Blanket

  • Very easy to put in a pocket and pull out in case you need extra warmth.

Water Purification - Sawyer Life Straw

  • Purify your own water and have an unlimited supply.



Remember that each participant’s food must fit inside a sealed 1-gallon bag and that they are required to have at least 2L of water storage capacity on their person or at their campsite.

Stove - MSR PocketRocket

  • Very small while sturdy and reliable.

  • Don’t forget stove fuel and a lighter if you choose this option.

Pot/Cup - Stanley Camp 24oz. Cook Set

  • Easy to clean; won’t rust.

Utensil(s) - TOAKS Long Handle Spork

  • Trust us on the long handle.

Water Bottle - Nalgene

  • Light and rugged; not insulated.

Freeze Dried Food - Mountain House

  • A few will fit in a 1-gallon bag.

  • Do your research to figure out what brand and flavor are best for you.



Rain is always a possibility. Even if there is no rain forecasted during the weekend of an event, we strongly recommend packing rain gear anway.

Rain Poncho - Frogg Toggs Poncho

  • Easy to store and keep on you at all times.

Dry Bags - Ziploc

  • Quart bags for electronics, gallon bag for food, jumbo bags for clothes.


We look to schedule events during a time of year when the average nightly temperature is above 50°. However, temperatures can dip below this threshold, so we advise monitoring the weather in the days leading up to the event and preparing for cold weather if it is forecasted. For this gear, we strongly recommend wool and synthetics and discourage the use of cotton.

Hat/Cap - Minus33 Wool Beanie

  • Useful for cold temperature gameplay and sleeping.

Wool Thermal Top - Minus33 Midweight Baselayer

  • It’s rare to find inexpensive wool, but it’s well worth the cost.

Synthetic Thermal Top - TSLA Thermal Baselayer

  • Everyone should have synthetic thermals when camping outdoors.

Synthetic Thermal Bottoms - TSLA Thermal Baselayer

  • Everyone should have synthetic thermals when camping outdoors.

Coat - Columbia TurboDown Jacket

  • This option is a bit expensive, but you want something that is warm, water-resistant, and can be packed away easily.

Gloves - Fox River Fingerless Gloves

  • Fingerless is a good option because it allows you to maintain dexterity.

Hand Warmers - HotHands

  • Good to have a couple of these in your pack.

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