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380 Mt Airy Rd | New Windsor, NY
September 16-17, 2023

After The Impact, the remaining survivors found themselves desperate for food, water, and resources. This desperation fed a "kill or be killed" mentality that stifled cooperation and the growth of communities.

3 years later, a calm has settled on what was formerly the Northeastern United States. Many survivors have attempted to revert back to societal norms that foster communal relationships, with some tribes going so far as to establish their own towns with old-world customs and institutions. 

While most survivors feel that they must remain nomadic to survive, these "burgs" (as they have come to be known) continue to grow and develop. Some are friendly, most are not. Nomads must be wary when approaching these settlements and interacting with their inhabitants.



  • 120-person limit for this event.

  • This is a 24-hour/2-day event. Once you begin the event, you are not permitted to leave the gameplay area (except to use the restroom).

  • Eye protection must be worn for the entire 24-hour duration of the event - no exceptions.

  • Camping will take place in the gameplay area Saturday night. Camping is permitted in the parking lot on Friday night.

  • All forms of smoke or exploding pyrotechnics are PROHIBITED at this location.

  • Campfires must be contained to metal fire rings. There will be one fire pit provided per community. Personal stove kits are permitted for cooking food.

  • The Zulu24 Pro Shop will be open on Saturday morning for those who need to purchase incidentals (batteries, eye pro, air fills, etc.).

  • The nighttime temperatures may drop into the 50s and below - make sure that your sleep system is adequate.


  • On Saturday, registration will open at 7:00am.

  • Participants will begin entering the gameplay area after 9:00am on Saturday. This will be the only insertion.

  • Communities will be "un-attackable" between the hours of 8:00pm and 6:00am.

  • The event will conclude at 9:00am on Sunday.

  • After Action Report and Raffle will take place at 10:30am.


We intentionally limit information regarding gameplay details specific to events. For example, we will never share a map of the field with community locations and POIs or reveal motivations or identities of NPCs/roleplayers before any event. Part of the immersion of our events is the unknown of the area you are entering.

We do, however, want you to be completely in the loop on all info regarding pre-event locations (registration, chrono, etc.) and the event timeline. That information can be found in the links above.


  • All sales are final and tickets are non-refundable.

  • We do not transfer credit from one event to another.

  • Tickets are transferable; please email to transfer your ticket to another person.

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