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What is Survive Omega?

  • Survive Omega hosts post-apocalyptic survival experiences in the United States.

  • Survive Omega events are equal parts airsoft, live action role-play, and survival bushcraft. 

  • Participants are challenged to survive in an environment that exists after the fall of civilization.

  • Please visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions about Survive Omega events.


  • There are no formal teams - survivors are free to make and break alliances as they see fit.

  • Each event is either 24 or 40 hours (2 days/1 night or 3 days/2 nights) in duration. Camping occurs on site.

  • Each participant will assume the role of a civilian apocalypse survivor.

  • Survivors must carry their gear (sustenance, weapons, tools, etc.) into the gameplay area in  a rucksack or similar bag - these bags can be left in community areas if participants do not wish to carry them for the duration of the event. Gear requirements are minimal (all safety related).

  • All participants will have full access to the entire gameplay area and may go wherever they want whenever they want. However, dangers lurk everywhere - wandering into the wrong area unprepared may have dire consequences...


  • Resources needed to play (BBs, medic bandages, grenades, currency) will be provided in-game. These resources will be scarce and participants are prohibited from bringing these items with them into the gameplay area at the beginning of the event.

  • The asteroid responsible for "The Impact" carried with it a mysterious yellow dust that plagues the earth. Yellow dust storms occur frequently and survivors must don respirators to prevent asphyxiation.

  • Food and water is provided by event staff on a supplemental basis. It is the responsibility of each participant to bring food and water with them into the gameplay area.

  • Resources must be acquired in the gameplay area through scavenging, looting "dead" survivors, trading, and interacting with staff non-player characters (NPCs).

  • Staff roleplayers will drive storylines and trade, but all participants are encouraged to trade their own unique items.

  • Nothing is mandatory - participants can choose to wander the entire gameplay area or sit by a campfire for the duration of the event.

  • Immersive role-playing is highly encouraged. The more you put in, the more you will get out. 


  • Centralized trading hubs will pop up throughout the course of the event. These are areas where survivors can interact with each other, trade goods and information with NPCs, or learn about bounty targets.

  • Trading hubs are not safe zones; firefights can and will break out frequently. 


  • Staff will be embedded to help guide participants and ensure safety.

  • Staff will occupy the following roles:

    • Community Leaders - individuals who are responsible for organizing the survivors in a given community and uniting them toward a common goal or belief.

    • Traders - wandering or stationary merchants who will accept bullet casings (game currency) in exchange for ammo, medic bandages, explosives, and other useful items.

    • Roleplayers -  bikers, coal miners, military remnants, cultists, hippies, cowboys, fast food workers...just some of the personas you may run into during an Omega Event. They all have their own conflicting motivations - will you help them or hinder them?

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