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How the World Ends


Partisan politics have split countries' governments while election tampering has become the norm in third-world countries.


Global superpowers begin to work behind the scenes to influence the outcome of these elections to support their socioeconomic agendas.


A new cold war is fought by western capitalists and eastern communists using developing countries as proxies.


Global superpowers escalate their proxy wars in a continued bid for resource supremacy.


Third-world countries are decimated as a result of chemical and biological weapons being used with increasing frequency.


First-world countries experience immense economic stress and widespread social unrest.


A strain on resources forces global superpowers into direct conventional warfare with each other.


Europe and South-East Asia become ravaged in these conflicts.


Most third-world countries' governments have collapsed.


Approximately 35% of the Earth's surface is rendered uninhabitable due to the disastrous environmental conditions derived from use of chemical and biological weapons.


In their efforts to continue fueling the global war, first-world governments are pushed to their breaking point.


Social unrest has devolved into armed revolt.

Civilian militias are formed to protect local interests and resources.

The few multi-national conglomerates that are still in business maintain their own standing armies to protect their interests.


Technological, chemical, and biological weapons are commonly used.


Many governments, out of desperation, have begun using low-yield nuclear devices.


Third-world countries' populations teeter on extinction while the land within their borders is considered too environmentally hazardous for human existence.


Asteroid 2002AJ130 collides with Earth, causing catastrophic impact damage that instantly wipes out 70% of the world's population. The event is referred to as "The Impact."


"The Impact" introduces a toxic particulate into the atmosphere that results in immediate asphyxiation when inhaled. The mortality rate surpasses 90% as the "yellow dust" sweeps across the globe.


Remaining governments finally collapse and the world plunges into a new Dark Age.


The toxic, war-ravaged landscape has made life bleak for human survivors.


Subsistence and material resources are seemingly non-existent; survivors mush scavenge and fight for what remains.


The only thought that these people have is: "How can I survive?"


And the question begs - will you be able to?

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