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How To

Bushcraft & Camping

  • Participants are expected to sleep and eat in the gameplay area for the entirety of an event's duration.

  • Participants are expected to carry all of their equipment into and out of the gameplay area on their back.

  • We strongly encourage all first-time participants to bring a tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad to the event. Bivy sacks, tarp shelters, and hammocks are for experienced campers/backpackers only.

  • Nighttime temperatures at events can get down to 50° or lower. We recommend a sleeping bag rated for 30° or below. If you get too hot at night, you can always vent your sleeping bag. If you get too cold at night, you're going to be miserable.

  • The large majority of people that leave events early did so because they became too wet or too cold. Don't be the person who washes out Friday night because you didn't adequately prepare. 

  • We've included videos that should help you find and choose adequate camping gear as well as tutorials on how to apply Permethrin, setup a tarp shelter, pack a ruck, and build a fire.

  • If you like to read, REI has excellent expert advice on topics like Outdoor Basics, Camping, Hiking, and Clothing.


  • Role-playing is a critical element of post-apocalyptic immersion.

  • One important piece of this experience is looking the part of an individual who is struggling to survive after the collapse of civilization.

  • Regardless of what role you choose to fulfill, your effort is directly tied to the quality of the event's atmosphere.

  • We have included some videos that should help participants modify their clothing and weapons to reflect the post-apocalyptic theme of Omega events.